free Five High Schools Seniors Get $123,000 For College education

Five graduating seniors from Nanaimo District secondary school earned $123,000 in scholarships for college this fall.

Stephanie Robinson, the career counselor for the school, said that students are having better opportunities getting scholarships because universities and colleges are making information on scholarships easier to access.

Kulveer Parhar, the top senior of the graduating class is going to University of British Columbia in hopes of becoming a doctor. Parhar received $65,000 in scholarships. His major scholarships were a $40,000 UBC entrance scholarship and a $20,000 national Millennium Scholarship. He also won some other small awards. Parhar was very involved in activities during high school which included being a big brother, coaching soccer and basketball and helping out in the hospital.

Brendan Boere won a $20,000 Millennium scholarship for his part to raise money for sustainable programs for the youth on Gabriela Island. He is also planning on going to University of British Columbia to study medical sciences.

Heidi Granter is heading to Queen’s University in Ontario with a $10,000 scholarship. Granter said she will be studying political science and economics but does not have an idea about she wants to do for a living.

Hayley Sedola will be earning a $12,000 scholarship and is also going to Queen’s University. She is studying to become a biomedical engineer.

Andra Jakobson is going to University at Ottawa with a $16,000 scholarship over four years. During high school, Jakobson helped raise funds to help children with AIDS at an orphanage in Zimbabwe. Jakobson wants to study international development and globalization in hopes of joining politics and fighting for resources for third world countries.

Source by Adekunle Oduye

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