free Germany’s Most Successful and Wealthiest State "Free State Bavaria" Opens an Office in Kuala Lumpur education

This will be a game changer for Malaysia and Germany/Bavaria.

Free State Bavaria was the poorest state in Germany after the Second World War. Now they are the wealthiest, not only in Germany but also in Europe; this is because of the Bavarian’s drive in Education engineering and strategic planning. The State of Bavaria would like to cooperate with Malaysia, share Bavarian knowledge and know-how to bring Malaysia to the next level.

There are already so many top Bavarian companies in Malaysia: BMW, Infineon, Adidas, Audi, Osram, Siemens, Happy Water, MAN, Allianz, TUM and many more.

Bayern International (German) or Bavaria International (English) already signed its first MOU with the ECERDC. They decided to cooperate with each other to enhance business between the two regions; the first venture has begun.

Bavaria International is the state agency to promote international business and has recognised that Malaysia is the gateway to the ASEAN and ASIA markets. Bernhard Schutte, the Chairman of TAPiO Management Advisory, has been appointed as the Country Manager for Malaysia.

Together with Datuk Seri Jebasingam Issace John CEO of East Coast Economic Region Development Council (ECERDC), Bernhard Schutte, Country Manager of Bavaria International and Daniel Gottschald, the CEO of TUM International has struck a deal to bring Technical University of Munich (TUM) to Malaysia. TUM is one of the world’s leading universities and has won 17 Nobel prizes already. This University will bring Malaysia to a new level of education.

Bernhard Schutte:

“Malaysia and Bavaria have many similarities; they both were originally farmed states and have transformed into High-Tech and manufacturing regions. Malaysia’s strategic geographical position is the gateway to the market of over 4 billion people in Asia. A big plus are the Malaysian Language skills and multi-cultural relationship make Malaysia attractive to Bavarian and German companies.

I see Bavaria and Malaysia as good partners. I would like to see Malaysia partnering up with German/Bavarian companies. Malaysia and Bavaria together in partnership can produce the world’s highest quality products. This will differentiate Malaysia to the rest of Asia. We don’t want to be known as the cheap product country, but to be the highest quality German/Bavarian/Malaysian standards, just as Germany is known for.

We don’t just want to sell our products to Malaysia; this would be a short-term thinking, instead we like to partner with Malaysia and do long-term business together.

Bernhard Schutte will lead Bayern International’s overall operations in Malaysia and will assist Bavarian investors in the ASEAN and Asia territories. With his high-level contacts with Corporate, State, and Semi-state levels, Mr. Schutte will be able to guide corporations from Germany/Bavaria to avoid many mistakes and to understand the market quickly.

Based for over 10 years in Kuala Lumpur, Schutte will focus on driving core investment growth as well as enhancing the relationship with industry players and key customers covering both private and public investments in the Asian region.

Malaysia is the gateway to enter the ASEAN region with its strategic location in the Asian continent, stable infrastructure and unparalleled language abilities. Foreign investors are particularly interested in using Malaysia as their regional operational hub to tap into the growing opportunities in emerging Asia, TAPiO will be able to assist these companies to avoid the common pitfalls and challenges.”

About Bayern International

State owned Bayern International is an export-promotion company of the Free State of Bavaria for small and medium-sized Bavarian companies as well as for the marketing of Bavaria as a business location.

Bayern International was founded in 1996 by the Free State of Bavaria within the “Offensive Zukunft Bayern” (Offensive for the Future of Bavaria). It was Germany’s first economic promotion corporation to be certified pursuant to DIN ISO 9001.

About TAPiO Management Advisory Sdn. Bhd.

TAPiO Management Advisory’s is partnering with customers to assist in making better informed decisions, deal with licensing issues, legislative understanding and provide value added contacts.

Wherever you plan to expand to Asia or have already moved your business, TAPiO’s advisers are mentoring and coaching customers to avoid common mistakes to make the expansion is as smooth as possible.

TAPiO is approaching each assignment with an open mind to achieve the greatest benefit and vision for our clients. An entry strategy to the Asia market is much more than taking initiative to open an office, only a coordinated and comprehensive strategy as well as strong relationships can guide an organization over time.

TAPiO offers a full range of advisory services to assist companies in creating and implementing a successful Market Entry Strategy to penetrate the Asia markets, using Malaysia as a platform.


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