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Whether you live in a sustainable community, you work in city government, or your business is trying to show support for local sustainable communities of interest, supporting the role of sustainable communities goes a long way in helping the environment. With global pollution levels at an all time high, it is increasingly critical to lessen the carbon footprint of your city or neighborhood. Sustainability embraces a multifaceted approach to protecting the environment and decreasing waste, from creating walk-able communities located near stores and work places, to using environmentally friendly materials in construction techniques.

These tips on supporting sustainable communities will help you as you, your business, and your city help the earth.

1. Promote walk-able communities by supporting the development of shops, stores, and parks near neighborhoods and large-scale family housing units.

2. Support the development of walking trails. Neighborhoods with walking trails encourage a healthy lifestyle, and help people connect with nature. Walking trails also create friendly neighborhoods, where residents get together and socialize more often. This can help prevent crime.

3. Vote for adding bike lanes to city streets. Biking to work is an excellent way to lessen our dependence on fossil fuels. City buses with bike carrying capacity are also a good way of promoting cyclists to commute at least part of the way to work by bicycle.

4. Promote permaculture gardening in urban areas with neighborhood workshops and free classes on edible landscaping gardening.

5. Use social networking sites to encourage sustainable living. Your business or personal page is an effective method of promoting books and articles on sustainability, and advertising for local sustainable communities of interest.

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