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The TorqDrive is the latest, newest and most revolutionary product released by Advantage. This is a PC pump that not only does away with the expected encumbrances and issues with the regular PC pump top drives, but it is one of the industry’s multi-speed permanent magnetic motors that has been specifically designed for PC pump drives. There would no longer be any need for the usual hydraulic pumps and motors, as well as the gearbox and the belt drive. More, there will no longer be any need for the mechanical or hydraulic brake to go against a backspin if a well slips.

TorqDrive 450/1000 PC pump drive is also much lighter at only 660 kilograms, much lighter than the regular PC pumps. This weight is already inclusive of the sheaves, frames, motor and gearbox. This one also no longer has a mounted side motor which could cause an imbalance in some pumps.

This is also easier to use as it can be remote controlled and remote monitored; it is also compatible with SCADA. The TorqDrive also has less power consumption needs compared to the other PC pumps which can mean a savings of up to $6500 every year for every machine operating. The carbon emissions results will also will make the green movement happier for according to the carbon footprint calculator its emissions are much lower than the other PC pumps as well, down to 50 tons per year in fact, a big help against the green house effect.

The TorqDrive has innovative safety features as well. The brake system will kick in automatically if there is power lost and if that should not happen, the motor will backspin immediately at more than 10 times the rate of its speed.

The power consumptions down is great savings, but because of the new technology included in its design, it also needs less maintenance, another savings feature. The air filters only needs to be cleaned twice a year, every six months, while the drive cabinet and the oil replacement can be done once every three years. The upper bearing is sealed so there is no need for maintenance and the bearing housing uses biodegradable synthetic oil, Panolin Synthetic VG22, which is another bonus to the green movement. This is not only saving on parts and materials needed for its upkeep but a savings on the labor and costs in manpower. Additionally, the time factor saved also means more operating time.

This new design should also please the anti-noise pollution advocates for this has a noise level of only 60 decibels from ten meters away. This means that, when operational, this is quieter than a normal conversation. The older models could be heard at 72 decibels even from a distance so this is one motor that could be used conveniently in highly populated areas.

The main advantage of Advantage’s new TorqDrive is that the motor does away with all the usual problems associated with PC pumps in the industry. With the improvement in performance and being cost effective, this easily overtakes all the other PC pumps in the industry.

Source by Todd Wills Herman

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