Make Crowdfunding and Screenwriting – Selling Yourself days

When funding a screenplay or film, crowdfunding organizations like KickStarter can help greatly. Before you get into advertising your crowdfunding page, you have to make sure it is set up properly. Don’t just write a few sentences about your movie idea and then expect people to shell out thousands of dollars to fund it. You have to include sketches, illustrations, trailers and a copy of your script. Make sure the script is copyrighted or registered with the Writer’s Guild of America before distributing it. But aside from the attractiveness of the marketing, you have to create incentives for people that will make them want to donate.

Incentives are things you offer to people based on how much they donated. For example, anyone who donates $25 or less will get a free ticket to see the film. Anyone who donates over $1000 will get their name in the credits. Just come up with different incentive ideas like these that will encourage people to donate more money towards your project. After all, they aren’t going to give you free money without getting at least something in return. Also you need to figure out if the money is going to your bank account or your company’s bank account. It is recommended to have the money go to your company’s bank account. That way the funding project looks legitimate because people might feel uneasy if they find out your money is going to a personal bank account.

Self Promotion in Screenwriting

There are not too many sources that teach screenwriters how to market themselves. People are more likely to donate and contribute if they are confident in your abilities. This doesn’t just mean knowing how to sell your screenplay. You need to know how to sell yourself as well. As a screenwriter, this includes marketing your ideas, tone, voice, attitude, and pay rates. People will ask you why your screenplay should get produced and what makes you a good screenwriter. There are two ways you can answer these questions. The first way, and the best way, is to include a list of contacts that will help you with the making of the film. If you have reputable contacts then the script will look even more attractive to the producer. But if you have no contacts, you need a burning desire to tell your story to the world. This means writing multiple drafts of your script and never giving up until someone wants to buy your script.

Source by John Halas

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