Make How To Make Money By Having Fun days

I am always searching for easy ways to make money online. It is not always easy selling a product to someone, so I look for the no selling type of opportunities online. There are a lot out there, and I am just beginning to find these websites, so always check my profile page.

I really love Associated Content. It was the first website, after many frustrating years of trying opportunities, that actually paid me decent money. Three dollars to Twenty dollar payments is like hitting the jack pot compared to earning nothing to just mere pennies. I always wanted to find some other website “exactly” like Associated Content. Someone who would honestly pay you, and pay you well. I am glad to say that I have found those websites.

You don’t have to sell anything to anyone. You simply do a task, and wait for the money to come in. I am talking about Social websites that pay you to submit videos, music, ring tones, wallpaper, and write. If you or anyone else you know is doing this for free, tell them to stop immediately because they are losing a lot of money!

If you haven’t heard, Google recently stated that YouTube will be sharing the website revenue with their members. High time, isn’t it? Well, there are over thirty websites that will pay you for doing something really fun. Some are in an easily affordable report, and others that I’ve found on my own. Here are some examples of what you will find in this report.

One website pays you $2000 for original flash games. Another website pays you $5 for every 1,000 views your video gets. Yet another website splits the website revenues with you 50/50. You can get paid to post in blogs, paid for your photos, submit news stories. This is really amazing, and the best thing about these sites is that you can generate monster traffic to your website! Tips for creating videos and more is also in the report. I just happened upon this report, doing my daily surfing.

This is not a report that I’ve ever seen around much until recently. What does this report cost? To get the report is only $7. You can easily make that doing one article for Associated Content! One of the reasons it is $7 is because it’s not really losing money for anyone to start a business online. When I look back on all that I’ve wasted time doing, I wish that I had found this report “first”.

Here are some extra websites that I’ve found that pay you to submit videos.


EVTV1 provides quality entertainment using video. They are a private company that has been in existence for over 15 years. The technology they use is state of the art, and there is something of interest to everyone on their website. EVTV will pay you to put content on your website through their Videsense program. They match video content to your website and pay you a percent of their revenues from advertising. You’re even able to track the traffic and profits from the content that is streamed on your website. This is a no cost program.

Expert Village

This is a really cool website. There are literally thousands of how-to websites from experts from you to learn from. How do you make money? Well, you can either be an Expert Village Expert, or an Expert Village Filmmaker. To Be an Expert Village Expert, you are required to fill out a form. Their filmmakers have a report where they will see which subjects they can film in their particular area. If the filmmaker is interested, they will contact the expert. Contacting the expert is not guaranteed. To be an Expert Village Filmmaker, you go to the link to sign up.

Once you are there, it says: How To Become A Rich And Successful Filmmaker. Have nice equipment, register and choose the topic, film and get paid. Get paid within a week, make up to $30,000 /year or more! Expert Village guarantees payment for every submission. Their average payment is $300 for each assignment.Some topics that are covered on this website are: Home and Garden, Sports, Hobbies, Crafts, Music and Parenting. If you already have a how-to video, you can email them about how to get it on their website.

Addicting Clips

Addicting Clips has a Cash For Clips Program that will pay you $500 for clips from your computer or cell phone. To get $500, Addicting Clips chooses a group of people based on viewer comments and their own secret criteria and gives each of them $500, plus they will also put the clip on their other website, Atom Films,for more promotion. No longer do you have to submit videos, photos and more for free. It’s time to get paid for it.

Source by Carolyn Davis

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