Make How to Make Money Easy, Fast and Smart Without Losing Your Shirt days

Want to uncover a well kept secret on how to make money easy, fast and lots of it? Listen up as we unfold a success formula that was first made public knowledge by one of our first recorded Billionaires. This wealth principle is the untold secret that keeps the rich, RICH and the poor POOR!

Analyze any person that’s running a successful business and you will see the traits or the evidence of these principles applied.

Read below as we introduce the #1 wealth creation principle that will allow you to make money easy and fast and will allow you to have Big fun for life:

First lets cover a few wealth disaster plans… Then the Wealth Principle

1. Trying to get rich alone. This is one mistake that most entrepreneurs make. These entrepreneurs includes; small biz owners such as: doctors, auto mechanics, lawyers, hair stylist. It does matter what you do. If you work alone it will hinder you long term. You can only make so much money and work so many hours by yourself.

2. Deciding to build someone else’s business. You may have heard people say; their goal is to climb the corporate ladder. To retire and live off of their 401 K and Social Security (social Insecurity)…Big Mistake. There is NO security in a J.O.B. anymore, especially life time jobs.

3. I’ll marry a rich man. Then have a couple of babies and be set for life….Not smart.

Since the divorce rate is up over 50%. That means you have about a 50-50 chance of divorcing after or before the children grow up.

Stated below is the #1 wealth building secret that’s responsible for keeping the RICH Wealthy.

It’s a principle that JP Getty implemented a long time ago. In short, to paraphrase his message; don’t try to be a one man band. You can’t be a master percussionists, play the trumpet like Louis Armstrong, a guitar like Slash (who can?), and sing like Beyonce.

To explain further, JP Getty stated he would rather have one percent of 100 other people’s efforts then 100 percent of his own.

Now to put it into today’s terms: The average person can only work 8-12 hours in a day, Because you are only one person. But, lets say, you have 100 others people working with you. From those 100 others, you receive 10 percent from their efforts; that’s 10% of their (lets say the average working hours are 10… to make the math easy) 10 hour day; that equals an extra 100 hours a day worth of earnings.

Source by Deborah Pretty

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