Make Pink Flamingo Fundraising – The Latest Method in Raising Donations For NonProfits days

A brand new movement has developed in donation generating methods: pink flamingo fundraising.

While it may be a silly when you first consider it. However the organizations that are currently doing it simply can’t argue with the effectiveness in producing hundreds of dollars in donations. Plus fundraising ought to be fun, after all.

How Flocking Works

For example, take for instance a church non-profit wants to hold a pink lawn flamingo fundraising event.

The church declares that they’re now conducting the flamingo event. Next, some members of the church service plot together in secret, determine a “target”, and go to the targets house, either when the target is at work or maybe in the cover of night. On arrival, the target’s lawn is covered in pink lawn flamingoes and a sign is placed on the that reads “You’ve been flamingoed!”

The “mark” should make a free-will donation of $10-$20 to have the pink lawn flamingos removed, yet donations of 50-100 dollars aren’t uncommon.

The target then has the ability to pick who is the next member of the organization to get pink flamingoed, and then the fun begins once again.

3 Big Benefits

1. Pink flamingo fund raising brings unites everyone involved. It’s an enjoyable way of keeping everyone conntected so there’s not one person that might feel left out. If you want a social, outgoing nonprofit group then this should be the most important benefit to you.

2. Sometimes individuals just don’t have anything to talk about. That’s alright. The pink flamingo fundraising method is the perfect gossip subject. Everyone wants to hear about where the pink flock is and who is getting flamingoed next.

3. Of course the very last benefit in this list is the fund raising application itself. A couple of the more well-known nonprofits have several pink flamingo flocks going at the same time, increasing the amount of contributions that come into the non-profit. You might think about this as well if you are running with a non-profit organization that is a significant size.

Source by Shawn Smithteem

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