Make Unclaimed Property Funds – Locate Records and Collect Huge Finders Fees Working From Home days

You’ve almost certainly heard of money finders, or people who make their living entirely off of finder’s fees. If you don’t know much about how they do it, it may seem daunting. The truth is, almost anyone can make a really great income from lost money, as long as they’re going after the best lost money – unclaimed property funds.

Many money finders start out by going to the state unclaimed funds website, where you can usually type in your name and see if you have any old bank accounts, or stock dividends, or whatever that a government agency is holding for you. These funds, governed by state law, are usually fairly small amounts (under $1000) and have limits imposed on how much a finder can charge, generally 10% or so. Seeing how little money there is to make, most new money finders leave the field quickly, without ever realizing the money they can make from unclaimed property funds.

The reason unclaimed property funds are a hidden gold mine is that they generally are not subject to state law finder’s fee caps, due to their location outside the state government level. These funds arise from mortgages, property taxes and the like, and frequently run into the tens of thousands of dollars – and since you aren’t limited to a 10% finder’s fee, you can make in the five figures on every transaction! This is a major loophole that few know about, leaving lots and lots of funds – billions, currently – that are sitting in government coffers waiting to be reunited with their owners.

It’s anyone’s guess how long it will be before the government catches on and starts imposing limits on these funds as well, but for now, the field’s wide open. With so few people working at it, and so many of these funds being created with all the foreclosures happening, you’re virtually guaranteed to make as much money as you want – all while sitting in your home office in your pajamas, anywhere in the world.

Source by Maggie Dawson

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