News Buffalo Technology DriveStation Axis 1TB Review 2022

The Buffalo Technology DriveStation Axis 1TB is a family of desktop external hard drives that offer high performance and easy-to-use storage. It easily connects to your computer for additional storage or backup of data files, videos, music and photos. Buffalo has a feature-rich software suite designed to improve PC performance.

The Buffalo Hard Drive not only stores and backs up your data with ease, it also transports a variety of files, including large multimedia files that are too large to fit into a USB key. Just plug the hard drive into your computer and it will install automatically with your Windows 2000, XP, or OS-X computer. The Fanless Cooling Chassis Design allows the DriveStation to run cool and quiet.

Storage devices can be placed vertically or horizontally on the desktop. There’s no cooling fan, although there’s definitely room for one, so you should store the disc in a well-ventilated area.

When connected via USB3, the Buffalo DriveStation ran through our file transfer tests, writing large files at 105MB/s and reading them at just under 152MB/s, which makes this one of the fastest external drives we’ve seen. It’s not quite as table-topping when it comes to small files, but it’s still faster than average with a small file write speed of 31MB/s and a read speed of 42.2MB/s.

Technical Details

  • Brand Name: Buffalo Technology
  • Model: HD-LX3.0TU3
  • Warranty: 2 years
  • Hard Disk Description: External
  • Weight: 2.9 pounds

Product Features

  • Secure storage and backup solution
  • Equipped with a high-speed 7200 RPM hard drive
  • 256-bit AES encryption and USB 3.0/2.0 . support
  • Horizontal and vertical form factor
  • Buffalo Tool
  • Environmental Manager
  • Fanless Design
  • Product Dimensions: 3×8.9×8.7 inches; 2.2 pounds
  • Item model number: HD-LB1.0TU2


  • Increase file transfer speed up to 5X* via USB 2.0 hard drive
  • Automatic 256-bit AES Full Disk Encryption (FDE) protects your data from unauthorized access
  • Compact and Slim for ultimate portability
  • Compatible with USB 2.0
  • Works with PC (NTFS and HFS+ support) and Mac.
  • The pre-formatted hard drive is ready for immediate use with Windows and Mac
  • The Hard Drive can be positioned anywhere that suits you. It stands upright or flat for flexible placement in any environment
  • Fanless Design allows for quiet operation
  • Buffalo Backup Utility automatically backs up your Windows PC, protecting your data
  • Works perfectly with Time Machine to back up your Mac computer
  • Environmentally friendly power management tools manage power usage, save energy and battery consumption


  • Requires a power adapter
  • There is no fan, which means the drive may overheat.

Source by Shelley Thomson

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