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Educational technology is becoming more and more common in schools and this is a great thing. School officials, parents, principals, and teachers all know that educational technology helps students learn more, learn faster, and become more organized students. There is no limit to what students can learn by successfully integrating educational technology into their studies. If they are taught in schools how to use the Internet and educational technology to improve their education, then they will be very prosperous in school. It is important for teachers to incorporate educational technology into the classroom not only because of the educational benefits that come from becoming very familiar with using technology as an educational tool, but because students respond well to technology.

Kids today are more driven by technology than ever before, their wish lists changing from bicycles, basketballs and basketball hoops to Nintendo, cell phones and laptops. Kids love technology and the endless entertainment opportunities it provides them, so why not add it to school to keep kids excited and eager to learn? Technology helps a lot to organize students, whether it is on the computer, saving documents to different folders, creating well-organized and clearly written essays or making use of Microsoft programs to improve their document skills, educational technology helps children to be more organized. Because children love technology and often use it as a non-profit group, Netday wanted to survey all school-age children about technology and how it will affect them at school. The survey was supposed to last only one day, it was called Speak Up Day, but due to the overwhelming response they extended the survey to one week.

Officials aren’t surprised that kids love technology and want to see more of it, they already know that when introducing technology into the classroom in the past, it has always caught students’ attention and kept them interested. These days it takes a lot of ore to be able to keep students focused and interested in classroom settings because of the many technological distractions that can occur, whether it’s texting on their cell phones, playing games on their phones. cell phones, using handheld video game devices, listening to iPods, or even other students doing these things, cause distractions in the classroom and they don’t get everything they should get from the lesson being taught. By introducing educational technology, students will get rid of their handheld entertainment devices and are interested in learning and seeing what new technology devices can do.

In a survey that surprised school officials and non-profit organization Netday, which conducted the survey, it was found that students not only want more educational technology, but also find ways to earn money so schools can equip them. classrooms with more technology. This came as a surprise to school officials as students not only wanted technology but also wanted to help raise money by doing fundraisers to help equip their school financially. This shows how important technology is to our students and children, we need to start giving them incentives to raise money for technology and help schools become more equipped with technology.

Source by Patricia Hawke

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