News Social Network Revolution 2022

I present a new Social Media, created for the common good of the world, everyone has the right to express himself freely without being blocked or censored as is the case with other Social Media.

this project was born for the needs of a Free Social Platform, without any control from any private or private organization.

We are all fed up with the unnecessary restrictions of the great Social Media, limiting people means limiting their imagination, creations.

the world needs to be free, to live in freedom, to express itself in freedom, and to be allowed to express its Creation in total freedom.

Our platform with the aim of uniting the world in love and brotherhood, we are a big family, and we must unite, we must find the world to relieve the suffering of the world.

We are beings of light and we have forgotten, our creative power is limitless, our target and to make the world understand the infinite power hidden within each one of us.

Instead of hating each other, it is easier to love and help us in any way, we are all brothers, but society is led by psychopaths and monsters.

A society led by pedophiles, retarded and ignorant criminals, and normals who are reduced to ashes as we are today.

We try to make the world understand the importance of uniting and helping one another, so that we break the stupid chains we created with our ignorance.

We have the resources and technology to live in wealth and abundance, but we are starving because of our human stupidity, our worst enemy is no one else, we are ourselves, we must guard against hatred, fear and shame.

When a person is clean and sincere, he sees everyone else just like him, but when someone is bad, the same person sees only bad people like him, the secret lies in us, if we combine each and every one of us then we have a bad world change this is where we live.

A small resume to do once you decide to be part of a big family.

SOCIAL #NETWORK REVOLUTIONin 11 languages, similar to #Facebook, but free from any control, here no limited accounts I limit, people are free to express themselves with complete freedom, you can create Pages, groups, events, #blogs, #markets and much more.

We are always looking for opportunities to improve the lives of everyone on this planet.


Source by Petrus Viorel Slatineanu

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