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What does the Dell 320-2881 offer?

The Dell 320-2881 is pluggable which allows for a better optical interface at the end of card manufacturing. It also helps to help interface different or mixed SX and LX SFP connectors. Now, the SFP cage is the layer that attaches to the PCB board receiving the transceiver. In this way it eliminates extra manufacturing labor and reduces prices. Dell products are among the best products on the market today.

Different Types of Transceivers:

Today you will find SFP transceivers consisting of single-mode and multimode fibers. Now this SFP is configured with an 850nm VCSEL laser on 550m multimode fiber (SX), 1310nm laser on 10km single mode fiber (LX), 1550nm laser at 40km (XD), 80km (ZX), 120km (EX or EZX) single mode fiber and DWDM transceivers. Recently the transceiver industry has developed many improvements made to the MSA SFP. It is also known as SFP+. It is designed for higher data rates, lower costs, and better thermal performance. SFP+ is capable of supporting 8.5Gbit/s and 10.52Gbit/s Fiber Channel, 10Gbit/s Ethernet (10GBase SR, LR, and LRM), SONET OC-192 (9.95Gbit/s), and G.709 "OTU-2" (10.7 Gbit/s).

Currently, SFP transceivers are manufactured with different types of transmitters and receivers. In this way, the user gets the option to select the appropriate transceiver for each link required for optical coverage rather than the actual type of optical fiber. Transceivers are most often classified according to the standard transmission speed on the medium (eg 1.25 Gbit/s for Gigabit Ethernet or 10.3125 Gbit/s for 10 Gigabit Ethernet). Multinational companies need SFP transceivers as they help companies achieve their broad bandwidth goals.

What does GBIC-SHOP offer you?

We at GBIC-Shop provide various types of SFPs to meet customer needs. GBIC products are manufactured exclusively with high quality components and achieve above average service life with high availability. If you’re looking online for a custom Dell 320-2881, GBIC-de is the best place to find the best transceivers both online and in Germany. Call us at 0208 – 777 2478 – 0 to find out more about our services and offers. You can contact our customer service at the time specified on our website. We can appoint a customer service representative to assist you with your questions. You can also request transceiver details with our representatives.

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