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 A. Using One Drum Decide on a place where you can make a fire. You can start a fire in the backyard, or you can use another place after asking permission first. Check the rules around you about this so as not to harm. Prepare metal drums. Use this drum to load wood. Choose the size of the drum according to your needs, depending on how much charcoal you want to make. Make sure your drum has a fire-tight lid so it doesn’t melt during combustion. Select the wood that you will make charcoal. Choose wood that is dry. Cherry wood or oak wood, all you can use. Find out if you have someone selling wood, or buy one at a local shop. Cut the wood into 4-inch pieces. Fill the drum with dry wood. Fill the drum with dry wood and up to the top, then close the drum tightly, but don’t make it airtight. Prepare to light a fire. Buy or collect wood to make a fire that will burn for 3-5 hours. Light the fire at the place you choose. Dig a hole in the center to place the drum. Make sure the drum is covered by wood. Light the fire. If you are using a large wooden drum, leave it on for 3 hours or more, . Let the fire burn until it goes out and cools down before you approach the drum. Lift the wood charcoal. When you open the drum lid, take it out and use it to cook a variety of foods you like. B. Using Two Drums Buy a small drum and a large drum. First is to prepare a 30 gallon drum inside, and a 55 gallon drum to accommodate it. Create a fuel line on a large drum. Use a metal saw to make a square cut at the bottom of the large drum. The size can be 12 x 20 inches to enter the fuel. Make a hole in the small bottom of the drum. Well, this hole is a channel for heat to enter into the smaller drum so that it burns the wood inside. Next, make a 5-6 1/2 inch hole in the bottom of the drum. Fill the small drum with dry wood. Cut the cherry wood into 5-inch pieces and put them in the drum, then cover. Then set up the big drum. Set up two bricks at the base of the large drum. Then put two more bricks on top of the first brick. Place a small drum on top of the bricks. Make sure this drum can accommodate a large drum, otherwise use smaller bricks or stones as the base and cover. Then turn on the fire in a large drum and burn for 7-8 hours. Use firewood to make a fire, and alternately insert this material from the holes in the bottom of the drum. Leave it on until it’s done. After 7-8 hours, all the materials in the wood will burn. Let the fire burn until it goes out, and all the coals in it cool before you approach it. Take out the charcoal. Take the charcoal out of the small drum and save it for your later use. To make it easier to make wood charcoal, you can use a coconut charcoal briquette machine.


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